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Interested in how to build and scale your online business from scratch?

Here’s How I’ve Been Earning A Full-Time Income For 9+ Years While Having Fun And Providing More Than Enough For My Family.

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Former high school and college drop-out Tony Bandalos (AKA Tony Richie) turns rouge and makes millions online. Here’s how you have more opportunity right now in 2019 than ever!

I Never Thought I Could Do it…

Now I have 7 small YouTube channels that generate cash for me while I sleep. Some generate as much as $32,854.00 per month.

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Tony has been earning a full-time income online since 2009. He loves taking care of his young family and loves traveling the world. He now coaches newbies and experts on how to create and scale lucrative online businesses so they can enjoy more time and freedom with their families.

You’ll soon discover…

  • How to make a full-time income harnessing the power of YouTube even if you’ve never recorded or uploaded a video in your life, (YES! even faceless videos!).
  • Why you don’t need a lot of views or subscribers to generate life-changing income, despite what some so-called YouTube “Gurus” say about you needing tons of views to make any money.
  • Build a real online business by simply sharing what you love. Share your passion, your hobby,  your expertise, and get paid for it!
  •  And how you can do this even if you’re totally brand new to earning an income online!

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What my clients are SAYING…

Tony has been doing this for a while so if you have a chance to study with him, highly recommended. He helped me with a lot of my strategies and incorporating YouTube in a way that is actually profitable and not just getting views and relying on that but actually taking it to the next level and incorporating your sales funnel which is a big deal.

Thank you Tony!

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Eva Barrios

Hi! my name is Jodi Harman and I just got to talk to Tony, he’s absolutely amazing. I’m actually here in my studio and getting ready to film. Tony took the time to show me what I was doing right, what I was doing wrong and how to improve my youtube and social media, so that I could actually start selling online and doing it the right way.

So, thank you Tony! your advice is greatly appreciated and I am putting it to action today. We are getting ready to film today doing exactly what you told me to do. So, I can’t wait to show you how it turned out!

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Jodi Harman

Hi! My name is Colin Campbell and I recently had a consult with Tony and he showed me how to optimize my YouTube channel to get more views, subscribers, likes and comments and I’m really excited to implement these strategies because I’ve known the power of youtube since when it first basically started. I’ve met a lot of marketing people who are kind of shady and slick. Tony was straight up and communicated with authenticity and showed the proof back. Everything he said about his YouTube channels, he backed it up. He showed me proof which was great. So, I love you man!

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Colin Campbell

It’s obvious that you teaching and sharing is from experience, that you’ve made the move, you’ve found what works and I just totally appreciate you sharing these techniques and strategies and ideas, even at this basic level in a consultation the way you did. It’s given me the momentum and the clarity on how to plan and make this work for me. So, thank you for your inspiration, for your knowledge, for your wisdom and for sharing that with me!

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Alana Love

Hello! My name Augustin Bravo and I am from Mexico. I am a coach and a trainer. I was recently with Tony in a session where he taught me amazing things that we can do with our youtube channel.

Thanks a lot Tony! Thanks to the strategies that you taught us, we’re going to have a LOT more traffic and SALES! We’re starting to implement them and we are really happy with the potential of this 🙂

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Augustin Bravo

I have an online business that I run and we turn it over a million dollars a year which is fantastic, we’re happy with but all of our social media presence has been mainly on facebook, on linkedln, instagram and twitter and we didn’t have a strategy for youtube. So, after spending a bit of time with Tony last week, we now have a complete and clearly defined strategy. And we know how to get traffic in and we also know how to get them into our funnel which is absolutely amazing because we’ll be able to monetize our youtube channel. So, I’m so grateful that Tony took the time to actually show us what he calls the key to the kingdom, in that way we have saved heaps of time and heaps of headaches compared to if we have to figure that out on our own. So, thank you so much Tony! You made a huge difference in our business and I look forward to seeing you on youtube. Cheers!

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Nat Binette

Tony Richie just helped me so much, it’s hard to put it in a very few words. Mostly I feel very confident, I feel more relaxed than I ever have thinking about making videos like this one and now I really feel good about putting information I really want to share on youtube and potentially making a lot of money just like Tony Richie. So, I’m going to follow his easy steps and I’m hoping to make another video to tell Tony Richie and you how much money I will have made by then!

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Kate Koehne